Tips to better photography

Taking photograph is also a talent innate to one man. Though that doesn’t mean you cannot learn the art of skill of becoming a great photographer. Capturing the moments is nice but capturing the tips of becoming a better photograph is nicer. Here are the tips to better picture quality.

Covering up your LCD, back in ancient days (I’m being sarcastic here) one man can only be limited to 36 photos due to the film technology and worst is you cannot see the picture you’ve taken. So taking this challenge will increase your ability. Simply after taking up the 36 photos examine your pictures what went wrong or if you had your good composition, framing and settings.

Don’t be afraid to learn to others. One person said that experience is the best teacher but what is better? Learning to a man who already experienced it. There are many resources out there where you can become a great photographer ask YouTube or Google I heard they know millions who can provide you that. (You can also learn the works they have done )

See the world around you and capture it. You don’t need the best camera, fact even your phones can do it. Just picture capture the moment. As long as there is composition, vision and angle it is enought. Don’t care the world but capture it using any means.

And last but not the least, is no to cropping. People are becoming lazier for the fact that we can zoom an image and crop the thing that we like. However, we lose the quality of an image even if today there are improved megapixels the fact is the quality of zooming will be lessen as soon as we crop an image.