Accessible Gallery

Museum and Arts Collectors keep paintings, sculpture and works and products of arts. People who are famous in the art world like MichaelAngelo, Leonardo Da Vince, Donatello, Vincent Van Gogh and the list will go to infinity are considered creative master for their craft that is made by their imagine and foundation of great hands. But their works take time and effort. Luckily for us their is camera who can shoot in an instant ala posing of Mona Lisa that took 5 years in the making. Sure their quality and work are different but still a picture is a picture and it still speaks a thousand words.
Here are some of the accessible pictures.

  1. Mountain View
    Think about how great the distance of big mountains. With the sun setting or rising. How can you capture the beauty of real life birds. Thanks to digital photography we can do that in a second or a minute because we try to get the best angle and composition.
  2. Ocean View
    They said water is life so why not take a captured moment of it. We are not called blue planet after all if not for water so savor it.
  3. Air View
    When you’re in an airplane and already in the skies above. What do you do next? Probably you look at the window and be amazed right? Next? you’ll probably take a photo of it and post in FaceBook or Instagram.
  4. Nature View
    Are you not a nature lover? Thanks to camera and digital photography you can take them as a memory. Thank mother nature for the materials to build a camera thank her.
  5. People View
    Of course people will always be in this list as human’s can’t contain taking selfies and groufies.