Quick tips to better photography

This will provide tips to improve our photography techniques to help guide for beginners even intermediate photographers.

    • Don’t put your camera in bag or put lens on it. Just put a camera strap. Why you should only carry a light thing to help you ease your job and will not carry a lot of weights and simply you’ll never know when to capture the moment. Example a bird if you’re still about to remove the camera lens cover the bird could have already flew away.

  • Eliminate distractions. This means is to eliminate the things that are around the subject you want to shoot. So how do you do that. Zoom in the camera or you get closer.
  • Try to get different view points . Try eye level picture. Get close, get far , get in it or zooming it. Taking a lot of view points gives different angles and gives different dynamics and story behind the picture.
  • Getting a lot of pictures. Thank goodness we are living in the world of digital camera. Before people use film and is limited to 36 photos so let’s take advantage for the fact we are using digital camera. So take a lot of picture but delete once you’ve got the right shot.
  • Bounce the Flash
    Lighting is important so bouncing the flash is necessary. There are built in modified flash upgrade too. They can help in building a better photograph and hence eliminating unncessary noise like red eye.
  • Edit your photos! Download adobe light it is best recommendable.