Well Known Journalist in the 21st Century

There are many journalist that are professionals, freelancers, and employed by companies. There are those who have the charm, talent and personality that attract and entertain viewers so they can stay in one show for long years. Some journalists even have their own show. Today let us know some of the well-known journalist in the 21st century that we have not yet given attention and time to understand and appreciate it. They are Robert Fisk (a best-selling author, British journalist and a correspondent in the Middle East for over 20 years for The Independent).

Another is Kate Adie she is a British journalist that covered many dangerous zones caused by war and have gain a reward for journalism. Christiane Amanpour global affairs anchor for ABC News in the United States. There is Hu Shuli a Chinese journalist, international editor of Business Times in China and a chief reporter. Next is Bob Woodward who is an American journalist. Anderson Cooper who is also an American journalist. He is currently hosting his own program regarding news.

Also the last in the list here only is Louis Theroux a filmmaker of documentaries with the BBC and a journalist with British origin. There are many more journalist that have influence on the world of journalism. I think this is one of the field that there is no dominance of male or female. They can work together like 宏閩 that is good for the human.