Digital Photography

The beauty of digital photography is that you can blow out a lot of beautiful pictures without ¬†using of film anymore and store many digital images and take as many as you can and want. And you’ll not worry about film, x-ray machines, a chunk of battery and no worries of taking as many shot as you can.

Shoot raw, raw is the most important

You’re just getting started in digital photgraphy and you’re probably looking for a great start in making the best capture photo. But that is not easy as you think there are quick tips to do it. First, you have to shoot fresh and raw, getting these pictures is the most important thing to do at the first stage of photography. Take note that by this we can go back and re-edit our image the way we want it.

Secondly, establishing a right composition. This means that you have to fill the frame of the image you want to capture. It’s not like zooming and cropping. It means you make effort by leaning toward of moving forward the frame you want to capture.

Third, Lenses this doesn’t mean you’ll need an expensive one. The page suggest that if you have a 2.8 maximum aperture of the lenses this will give you a better start as a beginner. But if you can spend a bit of money in choosing a better lense it will be better.

Fourth, Post processing is important as this will make your image have soul. Having the raw files in your data means what do I have to after that it is to edit (recommending : Adobe Lightroom ).  This will allow you to have more texture,color and gradients for optimum and maximized features.

So what are you waiting for it’s time to make a thousand words through picture.